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Heimdal Security protects against
banker trojan malware.
Press Contact

Peter Kruse
Partner & Security Specialist
PGP Key ID: 0x49006F37

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2014-07-18 14:42:53 |

This past week, we have observed a wave of spam e-mails being sent to random addresses and containing a short link to a compromised webserver, on which a malicious file is hosted....

2014-06-19 11:20:45 |

Oftentimes we receive spammails or even what appears to be limited or targeted attacks. This is one of these....

2014-05-13 10:34:27 |

Data security has been the focus of many, both in the wake of the much-publicized "Heartbleed" error but also of the intense attention that the "Se&Hør" scandal has received in the media and the general subsequent concern about data leakage. We have now released a tool where you can check if data, according to our database, has been leaked to others....

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