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Heimdal Security protects against
banker trojan malware.
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Peter Kruse
Partner & Security Specialist
PGP Key ID: 0x49006F37

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2015-03-23 13:32:04 |

Neverquest (aka Vawtrak) is a classic Trojan-banker with a variety of different advanced functions to attack online banking customers. The malware often gets installed through downloaders that are dropped using drive-by attacks....

2014-10-29 11:33:51 |

The latest variant of Dyreza/Dyre, just analyzed in our lab, contains several new targets in its configuration file....

2014-10-10 15:41:05 |

The latest variant of "Retefe" has expanded its target list to include several financial institutions in Japan....

2014-10-08 10:50:25 |

During the past couple of weeks, CSIS has monitored a swarm of automated script injections being implemented against vulnerable web servers....

2014-09-26 13:20:45 |

As I write this IT criminals send out cascades of spam emails tempting with a job as money mule. What is interesting is, however, that they probably mixed up .de with .dk because all of the analyzed spam emails are written in German but have been sent to .dk email addresses. This is hardly intentional....

2014-08-14 15:13:49 |

Malware researchers Iurii Khyvl and Peter Kruse from CSIS eCrime Unit have been selected to speak at this year’s AVAR conference to be held November 12-14, 2014, in Sydney, Australia. The topic of the talk is "The History of HesperBOT"....

2014-07-18 14:42:53 |

This past week, we have observed a wave of spam e-mails being sent to random addresses and containing a short link to a compromised webserver, on which a malicious file is hosted....

2014-06-19 11:20:45 |

Oftentimes we receive spammails or even what appears to be limited or targeted attacks. This is one of these....

2014-05-13 10:34:27 |

Data security has been the focus of many, both in the wake of the much-publicized "Heartbleed" error but also of the intense attention that the "Se&Hør" scandal has received in the media and the general subsequent concern about data leakage. We have now released a tool where you can check if data, according to our database, has been leaked to others....

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