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Heimdal Security protects against
banker trojan malware.
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Peter Kruse
Partner & Security Specialist
PGP Key ID: 0x49006F37

2012-10-11 14:53:38 |

We offer - for a limited period of time – a free of charge Heimdal Security Agent Pro license. The free license key will work for full month and unlocks all the features of the Heimdal Security Agent. The only thing you need to do is grab your license key on our website. Register for your license key now: https://www.heimdalagent.com.

User friendly, Windows patch management and malware prevention software - all in one package!
With the protection of the Heimdal Security Agent PRO you’ll no longer have to fear malware and drive-by attacks launched from hostile websites. Heimdal Security Agent PRO will automatically block these for you! We will also block access to BOTnet servers, child pornography, phishing and other unwanted content.

Furthermore Heimdal PRO also comes with a build in malware detection engine which can be used to detect and remove sophisticated crimeware. Crimeware often slips past your antivirus software so Heimdal will add on additional detection capabilities.

As if this was not enough, Heimdals key feature is the autoupdate function of third part software constantly targeted in so called "drive-by attacks". Please see our article: "This is how Windows gets infected" located here: https://www.csis.dk/en/csis/news/3321/. The Heimdal Security Agent will make patching vulnerable software, exploited by online criminals, less troublesome as it's done automatically.

Heimdal Security Agent can run on all supported versions of Microsoft Windows and is an add-on to your existing antivirus and or security solution. It supports several languages and is extremely user friendly.  You’ll find additional information about Heimdal on our website: https://www.heimdalagent.com/en/home

Go ahead try out Heimdal Security Agent Pro NOW and without charge!