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2016-02-19 09:49:15 | Peter Kruse
2016-02-12 08:17:03 | Rasmus Larsen

Once again NemID is under attack. This time it is an updated version of the BankTexeasy banker trojan along with a well-knovn banker trojan called zbot.

CSIS has developed a program which can detect both threats.

The banker trojan, accessed the bank customers' PCs when they visited legitimate websites that had been hacked. Thus, the usual online behavior precautions are not sufficient to prevent this virus. All the PCs had installed antivirus programs, but none of them discovered BankTexeasy.

At the request of the Danish banks CSIS has developed a small program that quickly tells you whether your Windows PC is infected with one of these banker trojans.

Only Windows, not Mac, is under attack.

BankTexeasy Detection Tool is free to use for both individuals and businesses.

How do I protect myself in future?

First and foremost it is essential to keep your software updated. Heimdal is a program that does it all for you. Click here to read more.

Our business and private clients are naturally protected against BankTexeasy in both Heimdal Pro, Heimdal Corporate and Secure DNS.


Filnavn: BankerTrojanDetectionTool_v9.exe
Updated: 21/09-2012
MD5: 6c52fa343bdef4ba6c78a3088a4ce95a
OS: Windows 7, Vista og XP (32-/64-bit)