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IT criminals profit enormously from infecting Windows machines. They penetrate the security perimeter of private corporations and public institutions of all sizes and make their way into private computers via sophisticated and systematic attacks targeting vulnerabilities of the operating system as well as of popular third party applications. From that point on, automated information gathering/leakage occurs, which might lead to the compromise of e.g. credit card information, online banking credentials, private signatures, intellectual property, etc..

E-crime against financial institutions has rapidly grown into a multi-billion dollar industry causing annual losses of hundreds of billions of US dollars.

The big challenge for financial institutions and privately and publicly held companies is, first and foremost, to have access to the latest intelligence about e-crime. This will enable them to understand the threats they are facing.

CSIS Financial eCrime Services have, over the past five years, helped both domestic and international financial institutions as well as other organisations directly affected by e-crime. Together with a number of financial institutions, we have created a closed community, serving both as a platform for exchanging information and as a proactive means of fighting against e-crime and its consequences.